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Exhibited at BabyCastles &

Playcrafting Winter Expo 2017 


Game design & development

Hardware development

Repeat after me is an experimental physical game controller. Players must replicate sound prompts by shaping the mouth and shaking the uvula at the correct frequency. Players must work cooperatively to complete the speech test as quickly as possible.


Formed out a New Arcade collaborative project, Repeat After Me explores the boundaries of physical interaction and public engagement. 



Andrew Park - product design & graphics

Ray Hung - game development

Pengpeng Yu - game design & fabrication


Custom conductive lips

Uvula tilt sensor

Unity (2d)

At BabyCastles 2016

The lips controllers were constructed out of flexible, plush fabric. Conductive patches were attached to the inside of the mouth and basic switches detected what forms the mouth creates. 


For installation in the space, metal springs attached the top lip to the ceiling allowing players to manipulate both lips. 

A tilt sensor was embedded in the uvula shaped object inside the mouth. Frequency of the sensor controlled the pitch of the sound created by a hidden speaker. 

Players received all visual instructions from the iPad located inside the uvula. Because of the physical design, only the player inside the mouth is able to see instructions. We designed this intentionally to facilitate communication between the inside and outside player(s). 

The large structure allows for an upwards of 3 players. 

At Playcrafting Winter Expo 2017

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